Morzine ski holiday starting soon? Read our pre-holiday packing tips.

Ever experienced that sinking feeling when the enormous suitcase you’ve hauled through airports, on and off transfer buses and up the stairs to your chalet or hotel room is finally opened – only to reveal that just 10% of the contents are of any practical use?!

Okay, we exaggerate, but read on for our resident Morzine travel experts’ lean guide to perfect packing for your next mountain getaway. We hope this helps and look forward to welcoming you to your Simply Morzine accommodation soon!

For clothes, multi-tasking is the way to go

Summer or winter, weather conditions in the mountains can be unpredictable so it’s important to be ready for whatever the day has to throw at you. That doesn’t mean you have to go big with your holiday wardrobe though. There’s a fantastic range of performance clothing out there featuring technical fabrics that layer up to take you comfortably from canicule to blizzard. Start from the base layers and work outwards, topping off with a seasonal weatherproof outer shell. Just open the curtains in the morning and layer up accordingly. The great advantage of a technical fabric is it’s so light; if in doubt, it’ll roll up and pop up into a backpack or ski jacket pocket just in case you need it. No sweat!

You’ll need plenty of socks

Trust us on this one…. or just ask anyone who’s ever had to recycle a pair of day-old ski or walking socks on holiday and they’ll explain.

Sturdy and comfortable footwear (preferably weatherproof) is essential

A good pair of walking boots will do the job. Whatever time of year you are heading to Morzine, you’ll be glad you followed this advice. Some people find it easier to travel in their walking boots and pack a lighter weight pair of shoes in their suitcase. However, to the person we recently saw trying to board a flight to Geneva wearing their ski boots and helmet: That’s not what we meant!

Sun protection

You’ll need sun cream, glasses and a hat, whatever the season in Morzine. Have you seen what goggle tan looks like? Need we say more?

Bring a lightweight backpack

The advantage of this is that it can double up as your carry-on bag for your flight (more on this in a moment). Simply Morzine recommend a day-pack sized bag with enough pockets to keep essential items organised. Whilst you are on holiday in Morzine it will carry your day to day bits ‘n’ bobs and while you travel it will keep your important documents and belongings safely with you.

Airlines flying to Geneva – for Morzine winter and summer holidays

Depending on which airline you are travelling to Geneva with, your luggage arrangements and charges will vary. It’s worth checking websites for the latest updates but when we last looked, this was the situation for the main airlines offering routes from the UK to Geneva, the gateway to Morzine and the Portes du Soleil.

If you are checking a bag into the hold, you can carry up to 23kg for around £20 each way, although prices vary a little depending on where you are flying from. Your cabin bag can be up to the standard size of 56x45x25cm and has no weight limit (you must be able to lift it into an overhead locker yourself).

*Handy EasyJet Tip*
If you pay a little extra and book an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat, or if you are booked on a Flexi ticket, you are entitled to take an extra ‘handbag’ or ‘laptop’ bag into the cabin (your small backpack should be ok). You’ll also get onto the plane first as you get Speedy Boarding which means there’ll be plenty of room in the overhead lockers for your carry-on bag. Those who like to travel light can usually carry everything in the cabin, avoid paying for a checked in bag and breeze through Geneva Airport Arrivals without a pesky delay waiting in the luggage hall. What’s not to love about that to get your Morzine holidays off to the best possible start?

You can check in up to three 22kg hold bags and carry one standard sized piece of hand luggage per person. Prices vary depending on how you book and where you are flying from but average out at around £21 per hold item. Hand baggage cannot exceed 10kg. Best prices are available via online booking.

British Airways
Your luggage allowance is included in your ticket price and will vary depending on what type of ticket you have purchased. The minimum allowance is one 23kg hold bag per person and two pieces of hand luggage (a standard sized carry on and a handbag or laptop bag of up to 45x36x20cm).

Helpful holiday packing and airline tips we learned the hard way, so you don’t have to

All of your hand luggage liquids must be under 100ml in volume and must be transported in one, sealable, clear plastic bag (they are given away free in the security lanes). If you go over the limit; you’ll have to bin it! Don’t throw the bag away when you arrive in resort as it makes the perfect waterproof carrier for your mobile phone whilst out and about in the mountains. We’ve discovered that pockets aren’t always waterproof.

You might find it useful to pack a slimline belt bag or travel wallet for your money, keys and any other must-haves you want to carry with you in the mountains.

Bring a pocket-sized sunscreen. Cheap before you travel but unfeasibly expensive to buy in Morzine. Paper hankies and hand sanitiser are also a worthwhile purchase whilst you wait for your gate to open.

You might find it useful to pack a selection of high energy snack bars for pockets whilst out and about, especially if you are travelling with small children; they’ve certainly got us out of many sticky situations!

Well hopefully that’s your Morzine holiday packing sorted. All that remains is to work out where to fit in those ski boots and helmet. Sorry, but you’re on your own with that one!  Don’t forget to let Simply Morzine and your airline know in advance if you have sports equipment to transport and leave plenty of time for checking it in at the airport.

If you are checking a bag into the hold, be sure you have all of your travel documents, your money, any necessary medication, your laptop and phone, car hire documents (if needed) and anything else you can’t live without in your hand luggage. It makes for a far smoother experience on arrival in Geneva before heading up to Morzine.

Find out more info about travel and transfers to Morzine here.

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